My #FavoritePantsEver

At heart, I’m an artist. This body is simply the conduit through which I create. When filming or photographing I get the shot at all costs. That might mean laying on my stomach or tapping into greater endurance as I hold a steady shot while beads of sweat drip off my eyelashes. I often times find myself in variations of utkatasana and utthita parsvakonasana… twisting, lunging, balancing all in the name of creativity and composition. As you can imagine I walk a fine line with clothing and work. I hope to look somewhat professional while conveying my personal style, and most importantly I need to be completely comfortable which frees me to work most efficiently.

I’ve come across a few pants that work but nothing comes close to the Do Everything Cuffed Pant. The material lays nicely on the legs which looks great but feels even better. The wide waist band sits comfortably while accenting all the right places. The cuffed ankle welcomes a sneaker into the mix and makes for a fun, active, comfortable look. You can find these gorgeous pants in this lovely green and four other colors on Lucy's website. 

#lucyletsgo @lucyactivewear